More Broadband Frustrations

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I got a voicemail from a lady at Sky today, she said she had heard back from the engineer that visited on Saturday and said she was aware that the issue is resolved. Instantly I thought to myself “if only”, time to turn on the rant tags!

[Rant]Upon calling Sky back I got through to a gentleman on the fibre team, I explained the call I received and also that what the lady quoted the engineer as saying was incorrect. I explained that the engineer had diagnosed the fault as high resistance on the line between 10 and 100 metres from the premises, his recommendation was for BT Openreach to replace this wiring, however he was sceptical that they would perform this┬ámaintenance for cost reasons. The gentleman said he would go ahead and call Openreach to see what they had found from the engineer’s job notes.

After a few minutes on hold he came back and confirmed the same as what the engineer predicted, that BT Openreach are not going to fix the fault under cost concerns. While all of this to me makes sense, the line works (albeit far less than it should) and would be costly to fix, however what doesn’t make sense is the long-term economy, at some point the aluminium cable will fail, this has been evidenced in the gradual slow-down over the last few months. I’m somewhat hoping it will fail sooner rather than later so this can all be sorted.

I may as well call Sky and downgrade to the regular fibre package, currently I’m receiving almost exactly the maximum speed for the lower package, what is advertised as an 80/20 package and estimated to be lower at 60/20 is actually performing at 40/7.[/Rant] Result Result

Whilst writing this I can’t help but feel like I’m moaning about something that I am taking for granted, something that many people don’t even have access to, let alone slow access to. However, yesterday I watched a video on Reuters from the US, where the lady actually likened the Internet to necessary utilities like electricity or water, she said in South Korea there is a municipal fibre to the premises network built up with $30 p/m 100mbps Internet available, if only it was like that here. In the part of London I currently live in I’m very limited to what internet connection I can receive, I can either get a service that uses BT Openreach’s network or get a mobile broadband dongle. By using the BT Openreach network I’m stuck using the faulty line I’m currently on, if I use a mobile broadband dongle I’ll be paying huge sums of money for again slow access (around 1 – 2 mbps). The lady in the video makes some very good points, points which are also applicable here in the UK and many other parts of the world, click here to watch.

Are you in the UK? or abroad? Let me know what broadband access is available to you and the cost, I’d be fascinated to know which countries have fast, reliable internet access as a priority!