Web Projects

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I’m a big Formula 1 fan thanks to my Dad, I love both all the action on the track and the romance of having races all around the world. A while ago I had a coupon code for a cheap domain name, I thought to myself what possible domain name could I buy that I could find a purpose for? After a few days I managed to answer that question and kimiquotes.com was born!

The reasoning behind the project is that I find some of the things Kimi Räikkönen says to be hilarious, so I thought to myself it would be great to build a little site that’s full of the silly thing he comes out with. I’ve got plans on how to add to the basic site, but at the moment I’m in need of lots of quotes to add to the site, please please send me your favourites so I can add them to the site.

I’ll leave you with one of my favourite Kimi moments.