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Busy + Bittorrent Sync Tutorial

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Life in the last couple of months; I’ve been to 4 countries, started a new job, modified my server setup adding 3 more VPSs among many other things. This blog has been neglected for quite some time, it’s really difficult to find the time to write things during the week and weekends become busy because things can’t be done any other time. One thing I have managed to do to that I’ve written about is setup BitTorrent Sync to keep configuration files synced between more than one server. The reason I have…read more

Travel diary

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Since my last post about booking flights on Qatar Airways for October my travel plans for this year have increased somewhat, I’ve booked a few more trips, today’s being Berlin in a month’s time. The plan has gone from 2 trips to 5 trips (4 of which are booked). The itinerary now stands at: Doha + Dubai, June – Qatar Airways Berlin, June – British Airways San Francisco, July – TBC Spa-Francorchamps, August – Brussels Airlines Doha + Abu Dhabi, October – Qatar Airways By the end of the year…read more

Flights and Formula 1

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I’m a big Formula 1 fan, as mentioned before because of my Dad and the last grand prix he went to was Abu Dhabi in 2012, during which time he said I should join him next year. Fast forward a few months and everything (apart from lodgings) has been booked. Since Dad and Mum moved to Qatar I’ve wanted to fly on Qatar Airways, especially since they now have the Boeing 787 Dreamliner! During the process of looking for flights Qatar Airways was clearly the cheapest, however I stumbled upon something strange,…read more

Web Projects

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I’m a big Formula 1 fan thanks to my Dad, I love both all the action on the track and the romance of having races all around the world. A while ago I had a coupon code for a cheap domain name, I thought to myself what possible domain name could I buy that I could find a purpose for? After a few days I managed to answer that question and was born! The reasoning behind the project is that I find some of the things Kimi Räikkönen says…read more