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More Broadband Frustrations

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I got a voicemail from a lady at Sky today, she said she had heard back from the engineer that visited on Saturday and said she was aware that the issue is resolved. Instantly I thought to myself “if only”, time to turn on the rant tags! [Rant]Upon calling Sky back I got through to a gentleman on the fibre team, I explained the call I received and also that what the lady quoted the engineer as saying was incorrect. I explained that the engineer had diagnosed the fault as…read more

Broadband Woes

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Recently my Sky Fibre Pro broadband has been playing up, when initially installed it was performing well at around 58mbps/18mbps which compared to previous ADSL is light-speed. A few weeks ago I decided that the degradation was at a point where it needed to be looked into, so I called Sky Fibre support and ran through the usual turning it off and on, resetting etc… After all of these steps didn’t resolve the problem a BT Openreach engineer was booked and arrived (on the dot of 8am on a Saturday!)….read more