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I’m a big Formula 1 fan thanks to my Dad, I love both all the action on the track and the romance of having races all around the world. A while ago I had a coupon code for a cheap domain name, I thought to myself what possible domain name could I buy that I could find a purpose for? After a few days I managed to answer that question and was born! The reasoning behind the project is that I find some of the things Kimi Räikkönen says…read more

Blog Rebooted

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This blog fell badly into neglect, the last proper post was 14 months ago, I felt that since my Mum has set such a good example keeping her blog regularly updated I should follow the good example! I recently rented a second dedicated server and this time ran with nginx. I’ve been amazed at how quick it is compared to my old Apache2 setup, setting up vhosts was just as easy as Apache and getting my ~10 sites (personal + friends) online was a quick and relatively pain free process!